Cakartas began to produce encaustic cement tiles in Sarachanebasi town of Istanbul in 1950 and we continue to produce tiles for every corner of Turkey and the world. Cakartas began the production in 1950s Istanbul where the electricity and the other opportunities were very limited and we continued our cement tile production in modern times. Although technological and technical opportunities have been advanced from 1950 to today, the production of the cement tiles conserved its nostalgic features.  Today, in modern times, the encaustic tiles are produced after hundred percent hand-made production processes. Even though the hydraulic presses have eased the production of these tiles, craftwork feature of the cement tiles is the reason of a difficult process for the production.

For hundred years, the same and similar patterns have been produced. These patterns are named as arabesque (arabesk) and star (yildiz) tiles.  Beyond these patterns, Cakartas has added many modern models. Therefore, we bring nostalgic and modern patterns together.

We have been honored for producing and providing cement tiles for more than 60 years.
Our First Business Card
Our Busness Card in 1980's